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Our swimsuit styles are unique and individual and will really make you stand out in the crowd!  Our cut out "monokini" styles reveal a bit more of your body and make a great alternative to a bikini. Whether you need a swimsuit for lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea or racing in a swimming pool we have something for you.

New Feature:
Many of our swimsuits and leotards are available in a Tall/Long Body size, this adds an extra 5cm to the height of the torso.


Halcyon Blue was established in 2005 in Kent UK with the simple idea to make Brazilian inspired swimwear in England.

We design and source every single component used in our swimwear ourselves and assemble them in our factory in West Sussex United Kingdom. We wish we could say that every component is made in the UK, but that simply isn't possible.  What we can say is that every component is of the highest quality and none are sourced from outside of Europe.

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