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Sheer / See Through & Fishnet Swimwear

Our range of sheer bikinis and swimsuits are made of the softest, silkiest swimwear lycra without any lining so they are slightly see through when dry and very sheer when wet. Our fishnet range is as see through when dry as it is when wet!

Please note: It is very easy to get sunburnt through this sheer material. Please ensure you wear a suitable sun-block underneath the garment. To reduce the amount of tan lines move the strapping regularly.


Halcyon Blue was established in 2005 in Kent UK with the simple idea to make Brazilian inspired swimwear in England.

We design and source every single component used in our swimwear ourselves and assemble them in our factory in West Sussex United Kingdom. We wish we could say that every component is made in the UK, but that simply isn't possible.  What we can say is that every component is of the highest quality and none are sourced from outside of Europe.

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