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Last few weeks of the sale now on - new website launching mid January 2020

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Please note we are no longer customising products or making to order - sorry!

Browser Choice

Not so very long ago the internet and online shopping didn't exist, retailers like us had shops or mail order catalogues and the only thing needed to view our merchandise was a pair of eyes!

Then came the internet and most of us started with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and websites were only really developed for use on this browser. Then came along Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, widescreen displays, broadband, laptops and mobile phones and suddenly the way internet sites were viewed could subtly (or sometimes dramatically change) depending on which browser it is viewed with.

We try very hard to develop our website so it looks its best on all modern browsers and most importantly that its functionality is not affected by the browser you use.  With this is mind we decided that we should choose one browser and make sure that our website always looks its best on this browser.  We chose Google Chrome as it is easy to use, clean and most importantly fast - the way browsers used to be.

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