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Shoutarou - Japan, 17/07/17

I am mailing it using Google's translation site.

I gave a product of Halcyon Blue to my wife
She was very pleased and sexy.

However, I made a mistake in choosing the size, so I have to be careful next.
Thank you, Halcyon Blue!

Juna, 02/04/17

I just want to say thank you for my bikinis!
It's lovely and it fits me perfectly!


Maria - Mexico, 08/03/17

I received bathing suits, as always very nice. In 3 weeks I go to the Caribbean. Thank you for helping us to be happier.


Joleen, 11/12/16

Hi everybody,

Just like to thank you all for my recent swimwear order, can't believe how small the micro thong is!!. Also can't wait for the better weather to arrive so I can wear them in public.

Kindest regards, Joleen.

joe 145

joe 156

joe 167

Ian, 10/12/16

Hi,I'd just like to thankyou for your great service,parcel arrived this morning!!!
Many thanks

Jon, 20/11/16

Just a short note to thank you for the great service and items. thanks jon

Frank - Netherlands, 19/08/16

Thank you for the great service, we received the swimsuits !!
Now we can enjoy them on our next part of the holidays.

Greetings Frank

Maurice, 02/08/16


Thank you for the Angel thong swimsuit and for kindly providing it to a tight time schedule.

My wife is delighted and impressed by the quality.

Many thanks


Vikki, 11/07/16

Just wanted to let you know that we're currently away on holiday in Portugal and I've worn the bikini bottoms every day. They look fantastic and are so comfortable. So much so that I've just been online and ordered a pair in white!

Thanks again


John, 29/06/16

I just wanted to say thankyou and well done, ive been a customer for a while now and your product is superb with excellent price and quality, you cant find anything better in britain, keep up the great work, thankyou

Brian, 09/10/15

have just received the swimming trunks you made for me in the post today. I have to say they are spot on. I am very pleased with them. I would go so far as to say they are the best I have ever had. My grateful thanks to you and your staff. I will not be looking anywhere else to place an order for swimwear in the future..

King regards Brian.

Custom Swimming Trunks

John, 18/06/15

Thanks! I want to say how pleased I am with the Luca Mini swim trunks I ordered from you. Just got back from Rhodes and the trunks were great and possibly a bit more head-turning than I planned! However, I'm really pleased, had a great time and look forward to the next opportunity to enjoy the sun. I've got some photos of me wearing the trunks that I am prepared to share if this is of interest. 

Regards and thanks again,



Nicolas - France, 30/04/15

We have received the new swimsuit, it looks even better than the first one. My wife didn't had time to wear it yet, but she loves this color.
You can be very proud of your products and customer relationship !
I hope my wife will soon accept to wear thong swimsuit, in order to buy you another piece.

Thanks a lot !

Karen, 27/02/15

Hi, thanks so much.I received my bikinis today.....fabulous.My last two are five years old and sadly are now past their best.....I think the quality is amazing.

Kind regards 

Karen .

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T.Chance, 29/01/15

I was looking for some custom swimsuits to be made for a Dutch client, 6 in total. From start to finish i have to say Halcyon Blue were an amazing company to work with, all my questions answered in full and with further helpful information. The material was looked at and agreed, further samples were approved. Turn around on the suits was 3 days, special delivery and arrived today. I was so impressed with the packaging and presentation of the final suits. The sheer quality of each suit is beyond what i thought possible. Cant wait to place the next orders as the client will love these suits. To everyone at Halcyon Blue, many thanks for such an awesome ordering experience and awesome product.

Darryl & Katie, 24/11/14

Just returned home to find our latest customised swimsuit from Halcyonblue had arrived. All we can say is it's breath taking. The shiny gold material clings to Katie like a second skin! Removing the lining was a great decision, as was your advise on the size. The addition touches with the different style straps and binding are pure class. The central gold metal ring is another fantastic touch. The twisted metal finish the ring gives the affect of plated rope and adds another touch of elegance. This suit literally breaths elegance and sophistication and is something I'd expect to see celebs wearing in the tabloids! So thanks again for making Katie feel like an A-lister and I hope other people get to read this and take you up on your fantastic bespoke swimsuit service. You are the only company I know of offering this service and it is amazing! That is our 8th customised swimsuit from you and our 30th in total! This is arguably sexiest, full back swimsuit on the planet. Keep up the great work and I look forward to our next customised Halcyonblue Bikinis.



Heather Custom Suit

Ian, 20/11/14

We are away in sunny Mexico ... Mrs wore her white bikini yesterday my god I nearly died haha ....
Left nothing ... Literally nothing to the imagination .... She had some admiring glances

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Ian, 12/11/14

Just a quick thank you.
It is my birthday today and my wife is standing infront of me in her white tiny see thru bikini as I type haha...

She bought it in the summer and kept it for today we are going away next week she gonna wear it on the beach ...

Looks fab on her not much too or and shows everything ,,,,
Thank you !!!!

Lucy, 10/10/14

Both items arrived today so very happy. Just opened it up and an even bigger smile came across my face as once again Halcyon Blue's craftsman ship is outstanding. The bikini bottoms and bikini top are not part of a set however the colour of each is an exact match!

Many thanks,

One Happy Bunny

Mike, 09/10/14

Order received and she's over the moon; many thanks for your prompt service.

Kind Regards


Derek, 17/09/14

My order arrived last Friday. The only disappointment I have is that I hadn't found Halcyon Blue sooner... I love these fabrics and have had some things made to order from other reputable sources that haven't been nearly as good quality and fit! The fabric is top quality as are the stitching and finishing. Given the quality of fabric and workmanship your prices are amazing (not that I want you to raise them!).

Best quality for this kind of product I have yet seen. We will definitely be ordering from you in the future.
...and I do hope purple finds its way back into the stock line. ;-)
Kind regards,

Darryl, 08/09/14

Exciting times! I took this picture yesterday while sorting out under our bed! Some might say Katie and I have a bit of an addiction! What do you reckon?

Darryls Collection



Darryl, 03/05/14

Bikinis arrived today. Thanks very much for making them all to order for us. And for creating the orange thong.

I'm sure you will be hearing from us again.

Good luck with all the new suits.



Anna, 23/03/14

Just want to say, and sorry I haven't said it sooner, thank you very much for the knickers which arrived a few days ago and they are perfect.

Really appreciate the excellent service.

With many thanks,


Lisa & Jeff - USA, 19/08/13

Here's some pics of Lisa (and myself) from the beach yesterday.

Her suit is a perfect match, and FAR better quality. Wish you guys made a men's version. (In the works?) She is SO in love with the suit she doesn't want to wear any others!


CLICK HERE to visit Lisa's model gallery

L1 L2
L3 L4

Jeff - USA, 08/05/13

The suit is AWESOME.

The fit is perfect.  Lisa says it's like wearing nothing at all.  :-)

We'll get out to the beach this weekend with it I hope and snap some pictures.  She's all for it.

Susan, 05/08/13

Just got the suits in the mail and she loves them .They look so sexy on her and we will order more love the fact you have f size tops . We will try to get a pic or two [shes 56 and still looks good loves bikinis ]


Thanks  Susan by husband

Paul, 22/07/13

Great service, great goods, great site. My girlfriend and I are very impressed - we will definitely be back.....

Kind regards,


Sue, 20/05/13

Thank you for the making the most amazing bikinis!!!

Has been fantastic  to find somewhere to buy separate bottoms to go with my existing bikini tops, as well as such a great range of bikinis.

Great in the sea and soooo comfortable when on the sunbed ;)

Very happy and looking forward to extending my collection!


Selina, 02/02/13

LOVE your stuff. Bought a couple of the little bikini tops to wear surfing on holiday this Xmas and they were ace, so I need to stock up! And the micro thongs that I bought still make me giggle, bring on the summer.