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So you have booked that long awaited holiday and all you need now to complete the holiday wardrobe is some head turning swimwear.  Whether it is a bikini, swimsuit, tankini etc the big decision is do you go for a cheap bikini, maybe from the local supermarket or a high street brand or a slightly more expensive designer suit like the ones made by Halcyon Blue (of course).


There are two ways to make a cheap bikini.  The first is to use cheap materials and the second is to use cheap labour.  A really cheap bikini is made using both methods.  Cheap bikinis won’t last and won't fit as well - it really is that simple.   When you buy a designer bikini you can be certain that it will fit better, look better, last longer and you have the added peace of mind it won’t fall apart mid holiday.  You can be assured that the fabric has been tested to be UV resistant and Chlorine resistante and that any trimmings are hypo-allergenic.

You may save some money buying a cheap suit for this holiday, but that is most likely how long it will last.

With a designer suit you get the choice of a much wider range of sizes,  styles and colours, which will almost certainly guarantee you can find something that will suit you and get you noticed on the beach, or keep the eyes of your loved one on you rather than someone else!

Even if you feel a bit more shy and retiring then a designer suit will almost certainly give you extra the confidence you need knowing it is securely covering the bits you want to keep covered.  So it must be worth spending that extra bit of money knowing that you can feel secure, comfortable and happy with your purchase. 


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Pearl Tanga Bikini Bottom with Fleur Bandeau Bikini Top